Developer-Direct Licensing

OF•G is happy to announce Developer-Direct, new long-term subscription plans for for its popular order flow and market geometry software. In addition to the month-to-month licensing currently available on TradeStation's TradingApp Store, products may now be licensed directly from the developer on an yearly basis -- and at much lower prices.

The TradingApp Store has been a marvelous addition to the TradeStation ecosystem, greatly expanding the functionality of the platform. But there are limits on products listed on the Store. For example:

Fortunately, the TradingApp Store has a private listing option, which allows developers to distribute software directly to users -- without them being listed on the Store and subjected to Store restrictions. OF•G uses this private listing functionality for Developer-Direct subscriptions.

How Does It Work?

When you subscribe to a product on the TradingApp Store, TradeStation subtracts the monthly licensing fee from your trading account every month and remits it to the developer.

With Developer-Direct, you pay OF•G directly -- typically by Paypal. Once payment is received, your TradeStation platform credentials are entered into this form on the TradingApp Store developer portal. And minutes later, your software product is delivered to your TradeStation platform -- the same way a Store product is delivered. Except for a prefix on the product name (e.g., OFG Insider Bars Pro vs. Insider Bars Pro), everything is identical to the Store equivalent.

Terms & Conditions

Comparison with TradingApp Store Products

Bring A Buddy

The Bring A Buddy program offers six months free when to two people subscribe to the same product(s) together. Here's how it works:

Subscribe Here

Pricing for one year subscriptions for is as follows:

Product TradingApp
Store Price
12 Mo Price
12 Mo
Clockwork GEO $49 $29 $240 41%
Insider Bars Air $19 $19 - -
Insider Bars Pro $69 $49 $240 29%
Clockwork GEO + Insider Bars Air $68 $48 $240 29%
Clockwork GEO + Insider Bars Pro $138 $69 $588 42%

If you wish to sign up for a one year software license, click the button below and the licensing page will open.



Note: If you are outside the US and do not wish to use PayPal, please send an email to to make payment arrangments.

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